Here is the menu for the spring season offered by the Oltre il Giardino Restaurant.

We change our menus with the seasons due to our decision to use only seasonal products coming from local suppliers to ensure the authenticity and traditional flavours.


Gran Toscano (for 2 people)

Crostini with cream of bacon, or chicken livers

Bruschetta al pomodoro (Bruschetto with tomato)

Garlic bread, with oil extra virgin olive oil

Fried polenta with meat sauce

Typical Tuscan appetizer
(prosciutto, salami, finocchiona, canaps)

First Courses

Fresh tagliatelle with tomato or pesto

Ribollita (reheated vegetable soup; a Tuscan speciality)

Risotto with zucchini and ricotta cheese

Tagliatelle with pigeon, or meat sauce

Pappardelle with wild boar

Maltagliati al sugo di nana (pasta with duck sauce)

Spinach and ricotta ravioli, with sage and beer

Tortelli Mugellana (stuffed with potatoes)

Our pasta is all traditionally homemade.

Second Courses

Beef Carpaccio

Prosciutto with Mozzarella

Tomato and mozzarella (caprese)

Grilled ribs and sausage

Fried chicken fillet

Grilled cockerel (half)

Chianti 'Peposo'

Scottiglia (mixed meat stew)

Wild boar, Casentino style

Grilled beef tenderloin (not always available)

Florentine Steak (over 1 Kg)
(Recommended for 2 people)

Side dishes

Mixed salad

Beans in olive oil

Fried spinach

Fried potato chips

Florentine-style peas


Fruit: Strawberries in wine, or with lemon

House Desserts: crme caramel tart, panna cotta, chocolate cake, ice-cream cake parfait, chocolate 'tile', tart, ice cream 'tartufo' (chocolate or custard), ice cream, pecorino with pepper chutney or honey, cantucci biscuits with Vin Santo.


Mineral water

Coca Cola and Fanta

Nastro Azzurro Beer

Beck's beer



Espresso, or American-style coffee

Cappuccino - deca - coffee with milk


Liqueurs and spirits

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